Request for Support: Alex Nieto, Killed by SFPD, True News!


This video is the real news.

Alejandro Nieto, a scholarship student, security guard, and community activist, was killed by San Francisco Police Department for eating a burrito in a gentrified neighborhood that used to be the Barrio.

We demand justice!

My name is Benjamin Bac Sierra and Alex was my best friend brother, and that is what we called each other—brother. Alex was a beautiful soul. We cannot depend on the biased general media to tell the truth, so here you can see for yourself who he really was. On this channel, to see who he really was, watch the videos San Fran Carnaval 2013, March Forth, and Alex Nieto Vigil—then you will see the truth. He was always involved in powerful inspiring community activities.

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, we will march from the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center to the place where he was murdered in Bernal Heights. Please join us because the only thing the San Francisco Police Department will respect is our en masse power and unity.

On Friday March 21, dog walkers from the gentrified Bernal Heights community seemed to have profiled him. Peacefully, Alejandro was eating a burrito and enjoying the view before heading to work as a security guard. He had a license to carry an electric taser. Alex did not threaten anyone. He seems to have been killed for a eating a burrito in a gentrified neighborhood. If he had been white eating a corned beef sandwich, the police officers would have probably walked up to him and shaken his hand! Professionally trained police officers can tell the difference between a giant black and yellow taser and a pistol, yet multiple officers approached him in a military tactical style and discharged over fourteen bullets into innocent Alex. The San Francisco Police Department is lying that he pointed his weapon at them and they have twisted the truth, slandered Alex, and allowed the general media to twist truth.

Watch for the questions we want answered.

If you have any information regarding this case, contact Adante Pointer, Law Offices of John Burris, 510-839-5200 or
Please share this video so that we can make sure that we all stand up for human rights together, no matter where you are or what country you are from.

Always Amor.

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