The Justice and Amor for Alex Nieto Committee

It is our great pleasure to announce that we now have a formal focused committee of dedicated representatives to serve Alex’s spirit, family, friends, and community. “The Justice and Amor for Alex Nieto Committee” will be the official committee to produce positive functions so that we receive honest answers and accountability from the San Francisco Police Department. In peace and solidarity, we will work so that what happened to Alex does not happen again. We desire for people, especially youth of color, to be able to walk the San Francisco streets with dignity and respectability.

This coming Saturday, April 12 at San Francisco’s Cesar Chavez Parade in the Mission district we will host a booth with information about the Alex Nieto movement. Also, we will have sign-up sheets so that you can join a subcommittee that is relevant to your own passions.

This will be a long struggle, but we have faith that truth and amor will prevail. Alex was a beautiful soul who now lives within us. Let us revere Alex’s spirit by joining together for the betterment of our community, children, and future generations. We, committee members, embrace you as brothers and sisters.

Always Amor for Alex!

The Justice and Amor for Alex Nieto Committee:

Roberto Hernandez
Benjamin Bac Sierra
Maria Margarita Villalta
Joseph Vaez
Adriana Camarena
Jeffrey Staulcup

2 thoughts on “The Justice and Amor for Alex Nieto Committee

  1. great website!! i’m very proud of all the community solidarity everyone has expressed ❤ can you all please post what the subcommittees are and who the contact lead is, as well as possible projects and ideas to work on, or specific volunteer opportunities??? Also, is there a community calendar on this site as well? GRACIAS

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  2. There will soon be an email announcement to everyone who has signed up, including how to help for those who indicated they are interested in volunteering. So please keep on the lookout for the first email newsletter. And if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so through the link at the top of the page main menu! Thank you.


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