News: Scanner Audio From Police-Involved Shooting in Bernal Heights | KQED News Fix

“KQED has obtained San Francisco Police Department dispatch audio that details officers’ response to a call about a man with a holstered weapon at Bernal Heights Park and the aftermath of the fatal officer-involved shooting of 28-year-old Alejandro Nieto.

“The March 21 shooting has stirred heated controversy between residents of central San Francisco’s Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods and the police department. Police Chief Greg Suhr said Nieto, who carried a Taser for his job as a security guard, pointed the weapon at responding officers and “tracked” them with a laser sight. He said officers, who were 75 feet from Nieto when they fired, thought the pistol-shaped, brightly colored Taser was a handgun.

“But Mission and Bernal Heights residents who knew Nieto say it’s unbelievable for him to have pointed the weapon at officers. Nieto often volunteered with neighborhood youth. He was a City College of San Francisco criminal justice student and aspiring juvenile probation officer who had interned with the city’s probation department.”

Read more at KQED News Fix.

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