Update: D.A. Gascón Will Meet With Family

Dear Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Supporters!

Today at a Pre-Mother’s Day Celebration Brunch*, Chief Assistant District Attorney Sharon Woo, accompanied by Lt. Guzman, extended an invitation to Elvira Nieto and her family on behalf of District Attorney George Gascón to meet with him next Friday May 16th, 2014.

Elvira Nieto at Pre-Mother's Day Brunch

Elvira Nieto at Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch, with A. Camarena

The meeting is a direct result of the family’s petition for an investigation into the shooting of Alex Nieto, backed by the 430 petitions signed by supporters, delivered this past 5 de mayo to the District Attorney’s Office. The D.A. kept their word, and responded within days with an offer to discuss how they are handling the investigation.

We hope this is a step towards achieving justice for Alex Nieto. We will keep you informed of the outcome.

Thank you for all your support!

The Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Committee



*“Because your special” Pre-Mother’s Day Celebration Brunch for Courageous Mothers of San Francisco was sponsored by Christine Pelosi, Democracy Partners; London Breed, SF District 5 Supervisor; Mattie Scott, Healing 4 Our Families & Our Nation; San Francisco Interfaith Council

For an update to this post please see:

Update: Takeaways from Meeting with D.A. (Friday May 16th, 2014)


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