Update: Takeaways from Meeting with D.A. (Friday May 16th, 2014)


We thank community members who signed petitions asking the District Attorney George Gascón to investigate and file criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting of Alejandro “Alex” Nieto. The D.A. has not filed any charges. However, your support was essential in assisting the Nieto Family to obtain an appointment with the D.A.! Thanks!


On Friday May 16th, D.A. Gascón explained the investigation process led by his office to the Nieto Family. This was strictly a legal meeting between the two parties. The Nieto Family was accompanied by their legal representative, Adante Pointer. Ben Bac Sierra was present as a friend of the family.


The Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Committee is now able to inform on the takeaways from the meeting:

  • D.A. will seek to expedite the completion of the medical and forensic report (Medical Examiner’s Report). D.A. Gascón cannot conclude his investigation until he receives the Medical Examiner’s Report. Once available, he will make the “findings and analysis sections” of the Medical Examiner’s Report available to the public via his office’s website.
  • D.A. will give family courtesy of informing them of his decision prior to making any public statements about his decision or own Report. However, he cannot make a decision until the Medical Examiner’s Report is obtained.
  • D.A. stated that SFPD’s Report is also pending reception of the Medical Examiner’s Report.
  • D.A. will be investigating any and all criminal acts that took place, before, during or after the shooting. The latter includes SFPD follow-up investigation after the shooting. (For example, the interrogation of the Nieto Family in the aftermath of the shooting, the burglary of the car, any misrepresentations to the media, possible tampering with evidence, etc.) All criminal acts will be investigated in connection to the killing of Alex Nieto.
  • D.A. informed the Nieto Family about available grief counseling.
  • D.A. acknowledged that this is a Community Case. D.A. Gascón expressed understanding that this is a community case followed closely and supported in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

In summary, some information was gained from the meeting, but we all agree that actions will speak louder than words. Therefore…


The Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Committee believes that until criminal charges are filed in relation to the police killing of Alejandro Nieto, the District Attorney will be part of the system that delays, and therefore, denies justice to the Nieto Family. Here are some things we can do to motivate the justice system:

  • Supporters are invited to petition the D.A. to expedite access to the Medical Examiner’s Report relevant to the shooting of Alex Nieto. We will soon draft and put up a form petition. Without the release of this Report, no justice is possible.
  • Supporters are still encouraged to sign a petition to the DOJ.  We remain of the strong opinion that only an independent federal investigation into the homicide of Alex Nieto (and any related criminal acts) by the Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice will guarantee a fair and unbiased investigation.
  • Supporters are invited to attend Police Commission hearings. A member of our Committee has regularly attended these meetings. Please join us in voicing your own concerns about investigations into the death of Alex Nieto.
  • Join us in supporting the D.A.’s decision to investigate any and all criminal acts that took place, before, during or after the shooting connected to the unlawful killing of Alex Nieto.

Again, thank you for your support, and thank you for your patience in allowing us to gather this information so that we can report back to you.

The Justice & Amor Committee For Alex Nieto


Nieto Family with legal representative John Burris and supporters, outside City Hall on April 14th, 2014 announcing filing of Claim against City.


5 thoughts on “Update: Takeaways from Meeting with D.A. (Friday May 16th, 2014)

  1. […] We still have no update from the D.A. on any of his promised actions to expedite the delivery of the… We still have no information from the police that they could easily make available (original 911 call, any video footage, witness testimonies, etc.) It is up to members of Alex’s community, his neighbors, and the broader community of supporters fighting injustice to protect his memory, and create a public space to reflect upon his death. We are asking for an in-depth and fair outside investigation. […]


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