Reminder: Burritos on Bernal, Mon. July 21, 2014 (5pm meet @ Precita Park, 6pm walk up Bernal Hill)

Reminder: 4th Month Anniversary of Alex’s passing. Burritos on Bernal!

With this monthly memorial gathering and procession up the hill, we demand justice and express our amor (love) for Alejandro “Alex” Nieto! Help take back Bernal Hill in honor of Alex Nieto!


  • Every 21st of the month!
  • 5pm Meet at Precita Park. (Bring Your Own Burrito; sunflower seeds, chips, drinks, and conversation.)
  • 6pm Memorial walk to northside slope of Bernal Hill (up Folsom Street)
  • Come share a burrito and build community with us!

Join us in placing a new banner! As we previously informed, someone vandalized Alex’s memorial site and stole the banner saying “No más violencia de la policía” (No more police violence.) Today, we will replace the stolen banner with a new one (see image) that we hope will remain there a long time. Please join us in this simple act of resistance against police brutality and public amnesia surrounding the killing of Alex Nieto four months ago.

Summary of Alex’s Story: On March 21st, 2014 around 7pm, Alex was eating a burrito, watching the sunset on Bernal Hill Park, before heading off to his night shift as a security guard. Witness say he was non-threatening: “just a guy eating a burrito.” All the same, someone called the cops, because they were afraid of a young Latino man, who they thought carried a holstered handgun. The police officers proceeded to similarly racially profile Alex without any inquiry. Seven minutes transpired between the time the 911 Call was placed and officers rushed on scene to engage Alejandro by shooting him to death over fourteen times. In the aftermath of his death, the police proceeded to harass the Nieto Family, in what appears to be a frantic attempt to fabricate a story to cover an unlawful police murder. Alex was a lifelong and peaceful resident of Bernal Hill. Learn more about Alex’s Story!

San Francisco authorities fail to respond…

No vigorous investigation, nor priority response has been given by the Office of the District Attorney of San Francisco, SFPD, the Police Commission, the Office of Citizen’s Complaints, or the Office of the Medical Examiner.

Mayor Ed Lee seems particularly busy cutting deals with real estate redevelopers and tech company CEOs to bother extending simple condolences to the Nieto Family or express regret about how the gentrification he promoted facilitated the death of a lifelong Bernal Heights resident. Under his administration, Mayor Ed Lee has turned SFPD into a gentrification enforcement agency. In any case, we hope Ed Lee might just carry out his duties, and put some energy into properly administering the Office of Medical Examiner which is wallowing in backlogs, and being used as an excuse to prolongue the delivery of the autopsy report in the case of Alex Nieto; and address the 375 police shootings in the last 25 years in San Francisco, which have resulted in 61 deaths and complete police impunity. High time for change…

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