Community Call to Action: Help Identify The Memorial Site Vandal!

Update 12.16.2014

Today December 16, 2014, the Alex Nieto Memorial Site & Altar was again desecrated. A passing neighbor “W” said two days ago, he found the same vandal we’ve identified here before desecrating the altar, and even chased him away with rocks. The alleged wife of the desecrator claims that he is not the person carrying out these acts of destruction and desecration, but with more confirmations that this is the guy, well, this is the guy who disrespects the memorial and altar, over and over again.

Recently Alex Nieto’s killing has been highlighted in the media, and also by a Resolution presented to the BoS for discussion today. We believe this person either acts on their own when Alex is highlighted or is prompted into action by others.

Original Post

This man was observed vandalizing the Alex Nieto Memorial Site. Please help us identify him! Write to, if you know his name. (We will not reveal your name.) THANKS!

Before this man was captured on video, the vigil keepers had noticed that the vandal’s most recent MO was to wait until no one was looking, then grab something from the altar, and toss it across from the altar, downhill, off the path. (Before he had also been spray painting the banner.) Sometimes only one item was missing, sometimes everything was tossed. Clearly, he didn’t want to be seen carrying off an item, so he tossed them away out of sight, whenever and whatever he could when people were not watching.

Adriana came upon him around 1:30pm on Aug. 1, 2014, just as he was tossing a set of pebbles (used to weigh down the flower pot) off the side of the hill. She took out her phone and started walking towards him. As soon as he saw her, he started walking away, keeping his face off to the side (like a knowing pro.) She didn’t confront him, because she wanted to verify the missing memorial item. Once she verified the missing pebbles, and found the pebbles exactly underneath the spot he had been standing, she felt certain that this was the Memorial Vandal.

Below is the video footage of him, just after he was spotted tossing the pebbles from the Alex Nieto Memorial down the side of the hill right across. Notice how he keeps his head angled to avoid the camera.


Look who we bumped into on BART! Yep, same guy, same t-shirt, same walk. And, yes, he denied having anything to do with trashing the memorial. He was rolling a suitcase alongside a female woman, heavy set, brown hair, who also had a suitcase. (In case, you are wondering, the Vandal has continued to trash the memorial.) To bad he denied his actions, because we just wanted to thank him for harnessing so much community support and goodwill for Justice & Love for Alex Nieto. Thanks, Vandal!

Vandal with favorite "Space is the Place" t-shirt.

The presumed Vandal with his favorite “Space is the Place” t-shirt!

The assumed Vandal at BART.

The presumed Vandal at BART.


Community responds to vandalism with vigils at Alex Nieto Memorial!


Con Safos: On the recent vandalism to the Alex Nieto Memorial on Bernal Hill by Ben Bac Sierra



Vandal-6 (2)

The Vandal

Vandal-8 (2)

The Vandal

Vandal-4 (2)

The Vandal

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