10/21 Alex’s 7th Month Anniversary, 10/22 Police Commission Meeting

10/21 7th Month Anniversary, Come Remember Alex at Burritos on Bernal (6-7pm), then back to Giants World Series!

Today, Tuesday 10/21 is Alex’s 7th Month Anniversary. We’ll be at Bernal Heights Park at Alex’s Memorial Site from 6-7pm. (Please meet directly on the hill, not at Precita Park.) Alex was a huge Giants fan like you all, so join us for a moment, and then we’ll be back to the game that he loved. He would have loved to see the Giants in their third World Series.

Talking about love, we have a love story to tell you on the hill…

10/22 Police Commission Meeting, Wed. 6pm, Balboa High School

We hope that you will join us in demanding transparency and accountability in the homicide of Alex Nieto on Wednesday 10/22 at the Police Commission meeting at Balboa High School at 6pm. Public comments are at start of meeting. Each person has two minutes. (Facebook invite here.)
Balboa High School
Green Room
1000 Cayuga Street
San Francisco

For Alex’s 7th month anniversary and in preparation for the Police Commission meeting we have released a Drawing and Analysis of the Autopsy Report. Please check it out!

Despite the release of the autopsy report, at the seven month milestone of Alex’s homicide, his family, friends and community continue to be kept in the dark on essential facts. We have not received basic information from SFPD nor the City, and we request your support in demanding the following during public comments at the Police Commission meetings and through upcoming actions:

  • Original unedited 911 call or transcript to determine the threat to which Officers responded armed and in fear of their lives. According to Chief Greg Suhr (Town Hall Meeting) they were responding to a call about a man in a red jacket, eating sunflower seeds or chips, with a “gun” at his hip (i.e. a holstered weapon.) Therefore, there is no proof of threat that would have elicited the repeated lethal force exacted upon Alex.
  • Witness statements about Alex’s conduct and officer conduct. Again, what was the threat to which officers responded.
  • Police reports that might illuminate us of findings from the homicide investigation, as to why officers discharged their weapon and whether they are considered suspects of a homicide.
  • Names of officers involved. The public deserves to know who are the officers involved, as well as: what is their history? which community are they working in? what type of administrative sanctions if any have been issued?
  • Total number of officers at scene: We would like to know how many officers were on scene; not only the number of officers who shot at Alex. We have heard that at least 10 possibly up to 20 officers responded to the 911 call on the ringside road, weapons drawn and showing no caution as they ran towards the hill.
  • Number of bullets shot at Alex. We know from the autopsy report that his body has 14 to 15 bullet wounds caused by at least 10 bullets.  But, how many rounds total were discharged? What type of caliber? The autopsy report says 40 caliber, but aas there another type of weapon used?
  • 73 photographs attached to the autopsy report mentioning objects strewn about his body, including number of bullet casings found at the scene.
  • Any other information withheld by SFPD or the Police Commission that can clarify events of that day.

10/22 is the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality. The date was inaugurated in 1996 by the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation to bring those under the gun and those not under the gun as a powerful voice to expose the epidemic of police brutality.

This national day of action coincides with the San Francisco Police Commission meeting. Please join us in demanding transparency and accountability for Alex’s homicide and speak out against police brutality in San Francisco!

Public comments are at the beginning (6pm). Each person has two minutes to speak.


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