Board of Supervisors – Resolution introduced

Board of Supervisors - Resolution introduced

Resolution affirming the San Francisco Board of Supervisors commitment to equal justice under the law and the First Amendment right to protest, recognizing the United States’ broken and racially biased police and justice systems, and urging the Department of Justice, Congress, and President Obama to review national policing and judicial practices to truly bring equal justice under the law.

Resolution introduced Tuesday December 10, 2014 by Supervisor Avalos. Vote to take place Tuesday December 16th, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Board of Supervisors – Resolution introduced

  1. The police officers bill of rights, which gives them rights beyond the average citizen should be ammended.
    Citizens should be able can file a lawsiuts against police officers to make it easier to for the public to gain access in knowing the complete date of the police brutality occurred, the innidents, and names of the police officers involved.

    I believe we need lobby, so that the laws are changed, so that police officers can not shot a person simply because they feel their lives are threatened.
    Laws need to define what under what circumstances constitutes ” where the police officer feels his life is threatened.”

    We need to figure out a way to get cops to testify against other police officers.

    Since police officers are public servants, a public website ought to be mandated of the police officers innidents brutaity, so the the public can track the officers, who have been involved with repeadily police brutality cases, and what happens to the victims. This information would reveal the police officer’s history and behavior patterns.


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