Alex Nieto Memorial & Altar desecrated ahead of BoS vote on Resolution addressing police brutality

We’ve reported on prior desecrations of the Alex Nieto Memorial & Altar on Bernal Heights Park, the site were Alex was shot at least fifteen times by yet unnamed SFPD officers. We believe this to be the work of one particular person. However, we’ve noticed that past attacks have happened when the shooting of Alex Nieto gains coverage in the press.

This latest attack to the Memorial & Altar came suspiciously on the day that the Board of Supervisor was to vote on a Resolution addressing police brutality, nationally and locally. Prior to the vote, the Police Officer’s Association voiced their strong disapproval and threw its weight around the BoS.

Supporters are raising the question as to whether the person desecrating the Alex Nieto Memorial & Altar Site is associated to the POA, SFPD, or whether he is just a sole racist or moron or otherwise person incapable of respecting an entire community’s desire to hold this space as sacred for Alex Nieto. Anyone know? We’re don’t actually care much about this annoying person, but if anyone does know something about who he is, please let us know.

Elvira and Refugio Nieto immediately began restoring the site by replacing the handmade cross by Refugio.

Supporters will be campaigning for a permanent memorial in the new year. Stay tuned! We’ll need your help!

8th Month Anniversary of Alex's homicide by police

8th Month Anniversary of Alex’s homicide by police

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