Press conference statement! On release of names of officers who killed Alex Nieto

Yesterday, Monday January 5th, 2014, supporters gathered for a press conference at the Alex Nieto Memorial in the Alex Nieto Memorial Park (previously known as Bernal Heights Park) to address the release of the names of the officers who killed Alex Nieto. Below is the statement released by Ben Bac Sierra, a main supporter of the justice cause for Alex Nieto. The Nieto Family and their attorney Adante Pointer were also present at the press conference.

Press conference statement on behalf of supporters by Ben Bac Sierra

1.5.2015 Ben Bac Sierra makes statement on behalf of supporters on release of officers' names.

1.5.2015 Ben Bac Sierra makes statement on behalf of supporters on release of officers’ names.


The names of the shooting officers who killed Alex Nieto have been released. They are

Jason Sawyer
Richard Schiff
Roger Morse and
Nathan Chew.

We, the community, celebrate the release of these names as a victory because the officers’ names had been unlawfully hidden from us for nine months. Because of our marching, organizing, lowriding, poetry, speeches, sharing of meals, writing, and Amor for Alex Nieto, San Francisco was forced by us and one U.S. federal judge to obey the United States Constitution.

Of course, now we will learn more about these officers’ records and experiences, and we will also begin to unravel the truth of what happened on this hill on Friday, March 21, 2014 at 7:18 p.m., less than two hours before Alex Nieto’s shift as a security guard who was licensed to carry a taser. Police reports, witness statements, and depositions will follow. But before we waste any more precious time and energy, we propose this to the machinery of San Francisco:

Stop this torture of the family and community. Stop this circus of injustice. Tell the truth: Alex Nieto never pointed any taser at police officers. You insult our intellect and attempt to hurt us by spreading lies. You make us distrustful of who you are to us, the community.

San Francisco Police Department, protect and serve us by telling the truth. Confession is liberation for a brave soul. Do not honor a dishonorable code of silence. Officers Sawyer, Schiff, Morse, and Chew, officers who witnessed this killing, officers who responded to the scene of this crime and heard and saw the cover up; confess and protect those who are most victimized, your human brown and black brothers and sisters.

San Franciscans, do not allow yourself to be repeatedly embarrassed by the United States federal government. You should be able to manage your own affairs. Mayor Ed Lee, demonstrate leadership through the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s truth force. You are the elected mayor of San Francisco! District Attorney Gascon, recuse yourself from the Alex Nieto case. You were the former San Francisco chief of police and cannot objectively process this prosecution.

Thank you for your attention, and Amor for Alex Nieto!



1.5.2015 Supporters attend press conference on release of officers' names

1.5.2015 Supporters attend press conference on release of officers’ names

Who are the officers?

To learn more about the officers involved in the shooting of Alex Nieto, please check our new post dedicated to revealing their background. Should you have any information regarding the behavior of these officers in community, on or off duty, please contact:

Adante Pointer
Law Offices of John Burris


1.5.2015 Alex Nieto Memorial site during press conference

1.5.2015 Alex Nieto Memorial site during press conference

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