Alex Nieto Lives! SF City Hall Shut Down

The True News: Alex Nieto Lives! SF City Hall Shut Down. You will not see this history in the mass media.

“Alex Nieto Lives!” SF City Hall Shut Down for National Day Against Police Killings.

On April 14, 2015, the National Day Against Police Killings, passionate human beings claimed City Hall and they asked this question: Mayor Ed Lee, can you hear us now?  The activists chant “Alex Nieto Lives!” The youth voice their amor. Ben Bac Sierra speaks: “Stay positive. Keep reading; keep writing. This is only part of the battle. The other part of the battle is education. Alex Nieto would have wanted all of you to be educated. Read those books. Read Get involved with your community. Don’t let them take over because they think you’re stupid. They think you’re worthless. Bullshit! You got power! You got power! You got power! We took over City Hall, baby! You are the future!”

Share this unprecedented San Fran amor far and wide. This is our era!

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