Call for Community Amor! Parent depositions today.

Call for Community amor, prayers, blessings, chants, good juju vibes, good thoughts, light-a-candle, or whatever you do best for Elvira & Refugio Nieto:

Dear friends,

Today Elvira & Refugio will render depositions (i.e. testimony) about themselves, their son, and incidents related to the unlawful killing of their son. Depositions can be brutally exhausting even when the City Attorney is not trying to tear you down and tear into you. They will be accompanied by their attorney Adante Pointer.

Each of Alex’s parents can expect to be questioned anywhere from 2-4 hours or who knows how long. They’ll be there from 9am into the afternoon. Please keep them in your thoughts! They are warriors. They are strong. But we can still accompany them today with our good thoughts. I wish them calm.

While we’re at it please send your best to Adante Pointer and the legal team at the Law Offices of John Burris who are representing the Nietos and are there to shield them from any legal trickery.

UPDATE: Elvira and Refugio were questioned from 9am to 6pm that day with minimal breaks. They told a supporter that since Alex’s death, the deposition process has been the hardest day of their lives. The process which families such as the Nieto’s must undergo to get facts is a process of constant retraumatization. Thank you for your good thoughts!


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