“Lowrider Lawyers: Putting a City on Trial.” High Definition Trailer.


It is my blessing and honor to gift to you the professionally produced High Definition trailer for “Lowrider Lawyers: Putting a City on Trial.”

This is only a preview of the magnificent, critical, and unprecedented film regarding Alex Nieto, scholarship student security guard unlawfully killed by the San Francisco Police Department. The full film will premiere on Sunday, January 3, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at the Brava Theater in San Francisco’s Mission district barrio.

Invite your friends, and get your tickets now at brava.org, as this is expected to be a sold out event. Join the Facebook event page and blast this great news out to the world!

We combat injustice with community creativity, solidarity, y amor.

Click on the link to purchase tickets: https://goo.gl/eGrA8M

Click on the link to view the Brava Theater web page description and photos of Lowrider Lawyers: http://www.brava.org/current-shows/current-shows/lowrider-lawyers-putting-city-trial/#.VmiaW7grKM8

Click on the link to join the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/823436287767339/

Click on the link to read a critical article about “Lowrider Lawyers”:


Click on the link to find out more about Alex Nieto: https://justice4alexnieto.org/alex-story/

Sponsored and endorsed by the San Francisco Lowrider Council!

A Barrio Bushido/Maya Media production. Written and directed by Benjamin Bac Sierra. Filmed and edited by Peter Menchini. Starring Homies from San Fran and around the Bay, San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ District Nine Candidate Edwin Lindo, international entertainer and singer Favi Estrella, and Stanford Law School graduate and international development consultant Adriana Camarena. Soundtrack by “Dr. Loco” (Jose Cuellar) and Favi Estrella.

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