A Solidarity Night March! #JusticeForAlexNieto and #JusticeForMarioWoods! 1.6.16

The Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Coalition and The Last 3 Percent Coalition present

A Solidarity Night March!

Wednesday 1.6.16

50th Anniversary of the 1966 Bayview Riots

SFPD has a rich history of violence enforced in black and brown communities. The Alex Nieto Case along with the Mario Woods case are direct examples of the detrimental effects of systematic racism, gentrification, and police impunity. In order to win justice for these two young men and our communities as a whole, we must unite! The goal of this March is to create solidarity not only with the families of Alex Nieto and Mario Woods but also the surrounding friends, family, and community members.

The march will start in two locations: Bernal heights and Bay View. Both groups will march towards each other until they meet for a culminating ceremony, which will include the breaking of the “Rosca de Reyes” bread between both families to symbolize solidarity. Please come out to help celebrate the lives of these young men, and the many others lost to state violence in San Francisco.


Bernal Heights Park and Bayview – Two Location Starting Points

Start 5pmBernal Heights Park at Alex Nieto Memorial Site on northside ring road of Bernal Heights Park. Entrance to park is at 3448 Folsom Street, walk up to altar from this entrance.

Start 5:30pmBayview location – 3rd Street and Palou

All families and their communities who have suffered loss at the hands of SFPD are invited to this event! Bring your banners and raincoats and flashlights and spirit and love for your beloved stolen!


The Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Coalition
The Last 3 Percent Coalition

This event is part of…

A National Week of Action, Service, and Economic Resistance in honor of Mario Woods


WoodsNational Day of Action Flyer_001

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