Dear Privileged People…


My Dear Privileged People,

Know who you are.

Know who Alex Nieto was:

Alex Nieto was a beloved son, college student, community volunteer activist, and a full-time security guard. On March 21, 2014, at Bernal Heights Park in San Francisco, privileged people called the police on Alex Nieto even though he had done absolutely nothing illegal and he had never even looked at them. When San Francisco Police Officers arrived to the hill, they shot at Alex 59 times. He did not survive 14 or more fatal injuries, immediately mortal wounds to his temple, spine, lungs, and chest and other wounds to his leg, wrist, shoulders, forearm, and hand. The police claimed he pulled a taser out on them, even though Alex had never been arrested in his life, and he had less than two hours before his work-shift as a security guard. Rookie officer Schiff claims that when he saw Alex Nieto walk down the hill, he looked into Alex Nieto’s eyes and saw his anger. He saw Alex’s forehead scrunch up in hate. Police officers claim Alex then pulled out his taser and tracked them with the taser’s red laser beam. Police officers assert Alex Nieto never had his hands in his pockets and that he performed a quick-draw-McGraw move on them, and throughout the encounter, Alex Nieto, even though he is being shot at and being fatally struck, that he continues to hold the taser in his hands, jumps into a military tactical prone position, and maintains menacingly pointing his non-lethal taser at police officers, even though he is shot in his wrist, hand, and forearm.

The original pool of approximately 30 jurors was at least 90 percent white. 10 of them knew police officers or were relatives of police officers. One white female potential juror was the wife of a San Francisco Police officer and desperately wanted to be on the jury. She said she would be impartial in the case. One white man wore a “Border Patrol” baseball cap. At least five of the potential white male jurors declared in open court that they would favor the police. The potential jurors were asked if any of them had ever had any negative experiences with law enforcement. One white lady juror almost started crying as she relayed how once she had passed by an accident and began to honk at the driver in front of her. A police officer told her to stop, roll down her window, and began yelling at her. She remembers that she cried for days and felt humiliated. She was the only potential juror to have claimed any negative interaction with police.

The final chosen jury consisted of five white women, two Indian (?) jurors, and one white/Asian (?) male. One of these white women claimed she did not know why anyone would sue the police for monetary damages. There were no Latino or African Americans on the jury.

The evidence undeniably proved the following:

  • A witness who saw the police kill Alex claims that Alex was casually walking down the hill with his hands in his pockets when police officers yelled “Stop” at Alex and then immediately began firing two volleys of shots at him, killing him.
  • Four witnesses claim that they heard the police shots fired and clearly distinguished two volleys, one volley and then a ten second pause followed by one more longer and intense volley of bullets.
  • This pause would clearly indicate that the killing of Alex Nieto was a murder. The police officers could not have been under a constant threat as they claim if they waited ten seconds in between volleys and then continued firing again.
  • Alex Nieto was wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses when he was killed. This was confirmed by a large hole defect in the hat that aligned with the shot in Alex’s head. Alex’s brain matter was found in the hat. This proves that rookie Officer Schiff was lying when he stated that he looked into Alex Nieto’s angry eyes and saw his forehead scrunch up.
  • When the criminal investigators arrived after the killing and took pictures of the scene, the taser was turned off. There is absolutely no way that this taser could have emitted a red laser beam or ejected taser wires. The police officers are clearly lying about the red laser beam.
  • Alex Nieto sustains all the fatal wounds described above, including shots to his head, lungs, spine, wrist, and forearm. It could simply not be possible that Alex Nieto could have continued to hold a taser in this condition. There are no pictures of Alex holding any taser or of him with his hands and arms extended downhill.
  • Most importantly, most convincingly, ALEX NIETO’S WRIST BONE IS FOUND IN HIS LEFT JACKET POCKET. There is absolutely no explanation for how that bone could have been in his jacket except, as the first-hand witness claims, Alex Nieto’s hand was in his pocket, not pointing a taser, while Alex Nieto was being killed by the police. This, of course, totally refutes the police narrative.
  • And if you still have questions about the case, visit the following site for accurate information:


The jury decided against Alex Nieto and for the San Francisco Police Officers.

We, the people, did not lose.

Education lost: your fairy tale books about the way intelligence works were proven to be a farce. We argued better than you, with stronger evidence and more compelling logic. Does the stupidity of the verdict answer to you why we refuse to value your schools and teachers and puppet administrators?

We, the people, did not lose.

Your justice system lost: your sham is simply a tool to make-believe everything is fair and just and that we should accept your verdict like good players in a fixed game, where the odds are totally stacked against us.

We, the people, did not lose.

Your morality lost: you, with your white smile and perfect teeth, you were proven to be cowards who could not stand up for the right principle, for a real human being who was unlawfully killed. You feared going back to your villas in Clayton and Danville and telling your friends and family that you voted for a brown person and not the white, clean-cut poster officers.

We, the people, did not lose.

Your United States of America Constitution lost. It lost. You lost. Your lie of equality and freedom lost.

And it is only your naked conscience now that remains, your own personal empty humanity, stripped of predilections, fantasies, and superior justifications. Now, standing there exposed in your own soul, how will you respond?

If you are offended, it is not my fault. You made up the rules.

If you are challenged, it is your chance to do right and spread the news. Fight your father, your uncle, your sister, your privileged community.

We, the people, did not lose, for we continue with the truth, la pura neta: not forward, but upward, we march, we fly.


Benjamin Bac Sierra, M.A., J.D., USMC, SFM


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2 thoughts on “Dear Privileged People…

    • I read some where that Alex worked with the youth. When I was at the rally and the youth shared their fears i was deeply touched. It is THE YOUTH WHO WILL CARRY HIS LEGACY AND WILL CONTINUE ON WHERE ALEX LEFT OFF. AMOR POR ALEX! SI SU PUEDE!


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