Parents Demand a Permanent Memorial for Alex Nieto on Bernal Heights

Tue. Sep. 13th 1pm front of City Hall. Press conference followed by rally and public commentary to BOS

Elvira and Refugio Nieto and the Justice & Love for Alex Nieto coalition are formulating a demand to the Board of Supervisors to support establishing a permanent memorial for Alex Nieto at the site of his killing on Bernal Heights. The family is asking for the memorial as a minimal gesture of acknowledgement of the senseless and brutal killing of their beloved son and for restoration by the City of the harm caused by SFPD to Alex Nieto and his family and community.

“For two years and a half, Alex Nieto’s family and community members have maintained a memorial and altar for him at the site of his killing. Establishing memorial altars at sites of tragedy is a sacred tradition of Latino communities with deep ancestral and spiritual roots. If the City wants to begin mending broken trust with the Nieto Family and their community, the very minimum the Mayor and Supervisors could do is to provide the permits and resources to establish a permanent memorial for Alex Nieto on the hill”, says coalition member María Villalta.

Photo album of the Community Altar & Memorial for Alex Nieto since March 2014

Adriana Camarena another coalition member states, “The killing of Alex Nieto is in itself now a historic event of the City, which spurred a historic Latino social justice movement of the City. Rather than continue to ignore its significance, the Board of Supervisors has an opportunity to acknowledge the harm done to the Latino community. With a permanent Alex Nieto Memorial the City can publicly grieve the loss of life at the hands of police officers. A memorial could mark a new beginning in which deathly use of force by SFPD is the last resort and sanctity of life, particularly of black and brown people, the first priority.”

Responding to the fact that the Nieto family lost the civil trial against the City in March 2016, Ben Bac Sierra, member of the Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Coalition, said “An unbiased analysis of the facts revealed at the civil trial shows that SFPD officers racially profiled and unlawfully killed Alex Nieto for wearing a 49ers jacket while holding a burrito and walking in his own neighborhood park.” Please click here for a full statement by Ben Bac Sierra about the unlawful killing of Alex Nieto. For further information about the Trial click here.

Oscar Salinas, another member of the Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Coalition, who like Alex Nieto, María Villalta and Ben Bac Sierra was born and bred in the Mission and Bernal Heights, gave further context to the demand, “Everyone knows that the death of Alex Nieto and gentrification are tied together, because newcomers such as those who called 911 against Alex, have no sense of respect for established communities. We are asking the City to dedicate a tiny piece of land, sacred now to Latinos in San Francisco, to commemorate and honor a native son of the City, who was brutally killed by its officers. Consider our humble demand to the City by contrast to the massive real estate demands made by developers, like the Nick Podell and his Beast on Bryant. The Latino community is clamoring for respect and action from the Board of Supervisors to end the forced displacement of the native sons and daughters of the Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods, and honor Alex Nieto who was killed in the context of irresponsible gentrification policies.”

The Nieto family and supporters are asking the Board of Supervisors to issue a resolution and ordinance to establish a permanent memorial on Bernal Heights Park with official city permits and resources. The Coalition will also explore the possibility of renaming the park, The Alex Nieto Memorial Park.

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One thought on “Parents Demand a Permanent Memorial for Alex Nieto on Bernal Heights

  1. […] Alex Nieto was a 28 year-old Bernal neighbor who died in an officer-involved shooting in March 2014. The San Francisco District Attorney’s investigation of the incident determined Nieto had a history of clinical psychosis and behavioral problems, alleging that he pointed a pistol-shaped taser at police officers who approached him after receiving reports of an armed man acting erratically on Bernal Hill. During a subsequent wrongful death suit initated by the Nieto family, a jury ruled that the SFPD officers involved in the incident had not used excessive force.  Friends of Alex Nieto maintain his death was a byproduct of gentrification. […]


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