Ben Bac Sierra: A BOS resolution to establish a permanent memorial in honor of Alex Nieto, unlawfully killed by SFPD


In order to honor Alex Nieto, a permanent memorial will be established at Bernal Hill Park, the place where he was unlawfully killed by the SFPD.

Through no fault of his own, Alex Nieto, a 28 year old full-time student and security guard who had never been arrested in his life, was shot at fifty nine times and killed by SFPD officers. Even though there were many witnesses that claimed Alex had done nothing wrong and was just peacefully eating his burrito, the San Francisco District Attorney did not pursue criminal charges against officers. Then in a civil trial that clearly evidenced the lies, corruption, and cover-up surrounding Alex’s murder, the SFPD killers were released of liability by a mostly white jury that was comprised of no Latinos or African-Americans.

Note the undisputed facts that shame San Francisco:

  • Officer Schiff, the rookie officer who first began shooting, stated in open court that Alex he saw Alex’s forehead scrunch up. He also stated he made eye contact with Alex’s “angry eyes.” It was proven that Alex Nieto was wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses when he was killed. This was confirmed by a large hole defect in the hat that aligned with the shot in Alex’s head. Alex’s brain matter was found in the hat. Officer Schiff blatantly lied.
  • A disinterested witness who saw the police kill Alex asserts that Alex was casually walking down the hill with his hands in his pockets when police officers yelled “Stop” at Alex and then immediately began firing two volleys of shots at him, killing him.
  • Four witnesses claim that they heard the police shots fired and clearly distinguished two volleys, one volley and then a ten second pause followed by one longer and more intense volley of bullets. This pause would clearly indicate that the killing of Alex Nieto was unlawful. The police officers could not have been under a constant threat as they claim if they waited ten seconds in between volleys and then continued firing again.
  • When the criminal investigators arrived after the killing and took pictures of the scene, the taser was turned off. There is absolutely no way that this taser could have emitted a red laser beam or ejected taser wires. The police officers are clearly lying about the red laser beam that they say they saw that justified them shooting. The public should also question whether Alex Nieto ever exposed any taser.
  • Alex Nieto sustains all the fatal wounds described above, including shots to his head, lung, spine, wrist, and forearm. It could simply not be possible that Alex Nieto could have continued to hold a taser in this condition, as the police officers claim. There are no pictures of Alex holding any taser or of him with his hands and arms extended downhill.
  • Most importantly, most convincingly, ALEX NIETO’S WRIST BONE IS FOUND IN HIS LEFT JACKET POCKET. There is absolutely no explanation for how that bone could have been in his jacket except, as the first-hand witness claims, Alex Nieto’s hand was in his pocket, not pointing a taser, while Alex Nieto was being killed by the police. This, of course, totally refutes the police narrative.
  • After the case, on social media Officer Morse, one of the killers of Alex Nieto, threatened the Nieto family.
  • If you still have questions about the case, visit the following site for accurate information.

In order to begin repairing broken ties with the community, the SF Board of Supervisors can stand with the people against corruption and lies. They can take a stand for human rights and establish this memorial dedicated to Alex so that the dismantling of crooked power can finally begin. The entire SF Board of Supervisors can join justice for posterity purposes, for amor.


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