Alex’s Story


Alex Nieto was born and raised in the Bernal Heights and Mission districts. He was a beloved son and brother, and an active peaceful member of the community. He was an accomplished:

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  • Full-time scholarship student at CCSF, earning a criminal justice degree and applying for transfer to a 4 year college program
  • Full-time security guard at El Toro nightclub
  • Provider for his family
  • Practicing Buddhist pacifist
  • Prior intern at the Youth Guidance Center’s Probation Department
  • Member of the Mission Peace Collaborative
  • Campaign volunteer in federal and local elections (Tom Ammiano, Bill Clinton, etc.)
  • Volunteer at youth organizations (Coleman Advocates, HOMEY, etc.)
  • Community event participant and organizer (Carnaval, poetry readings, etc)

Alex dreamt of helping guide youth in a positive direction, which is why he aspired to become a probation officer. He had a gigantic heart, and everyone loved him for his intellect, gentleness, and kindness.

Alex is survived by his loving parents and brother. [Learn more about the Nieto Family.]


On Friday evening, March 21, 2014, Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, 28 years old, was killed when he was struck by 14 to 15 bullets (of a total of 59 shots) fired by four San Francisco Police Department officers, on Bernal Hill Park, without justification. The officers who killed Alex Nieto are: Sgt. Jason Sawyer (then lieutenant), Officer Roger Morse, Officer Richard Schiff, and Officer Nathan Chew. (Read more about the 9 month struggle to obtain their names here.)

Alex was enjoying his dinner near a bench with a sunset view to Twin Peaks, dressed for his security guard shift with his licensed taser at his hip. He was also wearing his elegant new 49ers jacket, and minding his own business.

A dogwalker called 911 simply because he didn’t like the sight of this young Latino working class man on Bernal Heights. Police confronted Alex as he was walking downhill on his way out of the park, and killed him with two sequential volley of shots. The first volley took him down to the ground. The second volley of over ten shots killed him.

New Justice for Alex Nieto Banner!

New Justice for Alex Nieto Banner!


Alex Nieto posed no threat to anyone on Bernal Hill on the clear sunset evening. A witness told reporters: “…he wasn’t threatening to me. He seemed like a guy just eating a burrito.” [Source: ABCLocal; SFBG]

In the 911 Call (narrated by Chief Suhr at the Town Hall Meeting) and in dispatch audio, Alex is simply described as eating sunflower seeds or chips with his taser “at his hip”, never drawn. He is never described as threatening anyone.

All the same, a battalion of officers was sent to the hill to confront him.

A Bernal Heights native, Alex routinely ate dinner in Bernal Park, before going to his security guard shift. He had been with his parents before going out.


Greg Suhr refuses to release names of officers involved in Alex's shooting

Greg Suhr refuses to release names of officers involved in Alex’s shooting

Officers racially profiled Alex as a gangbanger exclusively based on his description as a Latino male wearing a red jacket. Racial profiling is illegal and a violation of civil rights.

Officers gave Alex no chance to respond to warning before they shot him to the ground with two or three shots. With Alex injured on the ground, officers decide—without any evidence of danger—to continue shooting at him, until he stopped moving. 59 bullets were fired.

This looks to us like an unjustifiable police murder —a deliberate execution— of an innocent man.

We also believe SFPD and the City and County of San Francisco are involved in a cover-up of an unlawful killing. We believe they fabricated a false narrative of events and have hid or tampered with evidence.


The most up to date factual record is now on the page titled “TRIAL“. Below is the information we had before the Trial. As a matter of historical record, we are keeping the information below as is, but highly recommend you check out the facts of the TRIAL to get a full sense of the cover up involved.”




* [Source: Chief Suhr, Town Hall Meeting 3/25/2014.] [Listen to KQED audio of Town Hall Meeting.] ** [Source: Civil Federal Lawsuit filed 8/22/2014. Read Case Status & original filings.]


  • Alex is reported behaving erratically by eyewitnesses.
  • Witnesses recount seeing Alex at the park peacefully sitting alone on the bench enjoying his burrito.

911 CALL

  • 7:11pm: 911 dispatch receives a call reporting a Latin male adult with a red jacket, black pants, and a handgun on his hip, pacing near a bench close to a chain linked fence on Bernal Hill.
  •    7:14pm: Caller (who stays on the line while police arrive) reports Alex eating chips or sunflower seeds.
  •    7:18pm: Calling party hears shots fired by police.
  • A couple -Timothy Isgitt and Justin Fritz- called 911 and erroneously reported Alex as having a black gun on his hip.
  • Alex was carrying his licensed *holstered* taser.
  • The caller does not report that Alex is bothering anyone or posing any type of threat.
  • The caller simply reports Alex is walking near the bench, and eating.


  • Alex was wearing a holstered taser that looks like a gun.
  • When drawn, this type of taser emits a red dot.
  • Alex  was dressed for work, wearing a *holstered*, licensed taser, as part of his security guard uniform.


  • A Sergeant and Officer from Ingleside are the first to arrive on scene.
  • Alex is engaged 75 feet away up a hill, with his back to the west, Officers looking towards horizon.
  • An SFPD Patrol car entered the park and drove up a fire trail before stopping approximately 75 to 100 feet away.
  • Alex at that time was casually walking down the trail to the Park’s entrance, with his hands in his pockets.
  • Two Officers emerged from the patrol car and immediately took cover using their car for protection.
  • Two other Officers arrive.
  • Several other Officers had also gathered on the jogging path, appeared to be carrying rifle-type guns and were positioned behind Alex. (i.e. not facing western horizon as SFPD says.)
  • Alex has his hands behind him. Officers asked him “to show his hands.”
  • Alex responded “you show me your hands.”
  • Alex drew his taser, and tracked officers with the red taser dot.
  • Officers shoot him.
  • Alex wounded, goes down in a prone and tactical position.
  • One of the Officers behind the patrol car called out and ordered Alex to “stop.”
  • Within seconds a quick volley of bullets were fired at Alex.

Ear and eye witness’ revelations say:

  • No additional orders or any other verbal communication was heard between the first Officer yelling “stop” and the initial volley of gunfire that rang out.
  • Alex did not threaten anyone nor verbally resisted Officers.
  • Alex did not attempt to grab or point any object at the Officers prior to being shot.
  • Alex falls to the ground after the initial shots.
  • Prone, wounded, and on the ground, Alex continues to “track” Officers with the red laser dot.
  • Eye witness’ revelations do not see Alex point any object at the Officers, before or after Officers shoot him to the ground.
  • Eye witness believes Alex to be mortally wounded after the initial shots, and says Alex falls over his hands.
  • Officers say they feared for their lives and shot him repeatedly, until he stopped moving.
  • After a brief pause of just a second or two, another barrage of shots were fired.
  • The Officers’ bullets struck Alex in his forehead and at least nine other places leaving his body grossly disfigured and mortally wounded.


Nearly six months after Alex was killed, the Medical Examiner released an autopsy report that deems his death a homicide. The autopsy confirms fourteen to fifteen bullet wounds (one entrance wound is for two shots, therefore, at least 15 shots hit Alex.) Eleven out of the fifteen shots caused downward trajectory wounds. That is, eleven shots are fired from above Alex into his face, temple, chest, shoulders, and back. Seven of those shots are in a head to toe downward trajectory indicating that Alex was in a completely defenseless position when officers fatally wounded him. This could imply criminal intent and murder.

Please check our Diagram and Analysis of the Autopsy Report, for more information.

Alex Nieto Autopsy Side w Title_001


Audio from a home security camera reveals TWO initial shots fired  (possibly a 3rd), followed by a 6 second pause. Then a continuous volley of at least 10 shots. (We now know that there was a total of 48 bullets fired at Alex.)

The pause between the first and second series of shots is relevant because officers made a deliberate decision to barrage Alex with the shots that actually killed him. This could imply criminal intent and murder.

[Listen to the original audio recording on ]

Listen to SFPD’s dispatch audio obtained by KQED (see related story HERE):

Note: We have learned that the homeowner who is the source of this audio refused to identify themselves, and therefore this audio evidence was not introduced into trial.


SFPD investigates the victim, not the homicide scene

  • Through the night of his killing and into the day after, SFPD “investigates” Alex, rather than the officers involved in shooting. Among other things, homicide officers talk first to a man (Arturo Vega) against whom Alex had a restraining order. SFPD tells the public that Vega had obtained a restraining order against Alex, failing to mention that Vega obtained this order only after he broke the restraining order that Alex had against him. Vega’s harassment of Alex provoked a physical confrontation with Alex despite Alex having a restraining order against him.

Next day, SFPD harasses the Nieto Family

  • 18 hours after Alex is killed, on Saturday, officers interrogate the Nieto Family, asking biased and inappropriate questions, and only on insistence of the parents do they tell Alex’s parents that SF police killed their son. Police attempt a warrantless search of their home, immediately after telling the parents SFPD officers killed their son. Alex’s dad was feeling so ill, he tells them to leave.
  • On Sunday early morning, SFPD officers stole Alex’s car from the street, with keys retrieved from his body, without notifying the family, nor requesting a warrant. They ripped apart the inside of the car and took Alex’s iPad and security jacket. They have yet to say what else they took from the car. They’ve denied responsibility and refused to pay for the damages.

SFPD manipulate story of Alex’s killing in the media, abusing their power

  • Police feed story of killing to media, with irrelevant information and misinformation about Alex’s character, before informing “next of kin.”  Alex’s parents receive first rumors about something amiss from family and friends, some as faraway as Mexico, who read news articles printed with Alex’s name.
  • Manipulation of media at every stage of obtaining evidence has continued. For example…
    • Autopsy report is released to media on 9/11, while the Nieto Family receives only a simple one page summary of autopsy report. Medical Examiner calls them that same day to say they can obtain a complete copy by paying $38, giving supporters no opportunity to comment to media. Autopsy report repeats contested police version of events and irrelevant information about Alex’s character.
    • SFPD releases the names of the officers who shot Alex to the media (not to the Nieto Family) on a Friday afternoon on January 2nd, again impeding supporters from providing appropriate commentary. SFPD was being forced to reveal the names the next Monday Jan. 5th by a court order. SFPD had withheld the names for more than nine months on an lame excuse that was not upheld by a federal judge.
    • Attempt to “murder” Alex’s character by feeding false and irrelevant information and inferences to the media to taint public (your) opinion of Alex. This information is irrelevant because it explains nothing about why police shot Alex. These are police tactics to influence potential jurors with their narrative of events. For example, raising questions about an incident of mental illness in Alex’s past, and the restraining order filed by Arturo Vega without explaining that Alex and his girlfriend had a restraining order against this man. On the restraining order, see note above on media manipulation by police.

SFPD & Police Commission, and City Attorneys have actively withheld key evidence from the Family and public, including…

  • NUMBER and CALIBER of bullets fired [Status: Released 2/13/2014, nearly 11 months after Alex’s homicide in D.A. Report.] D.A. Report mentions that there were 59 casings found around the homicide site corresponding to officer guns. However, the civil case mentions that 48 shots were fired.
  • POSITIONS and SEQUENCE from where each officer shot
  • ORIGINAL 911 call(s), not even a transcript has been provided [Note: what is available is the dispatch radio.]
  • WITNESS statements
  • POLICE reports
  • Any possible video from sergeant’s body cam
Selfie by Alex with parents Refugio & Elvira

Selfie by Alex with parents Refugio & Elvira


Please click on CASE STATUS to learn more about stage in the legal processes involved in the Alex Nieto Case. There is also a useful TIMELINE. In an SFPD officer involved shooting, typically there will be:

  • Family filing of civil lawsuit (which is typically the only way which a family can obtain independent evidence into the shooting of their loved one by police)
  • District Attorney investigation and decision whether to file charges
  • SFPD homicide investigation of their own involved officers
  • Office of Citizen Complaints investigation and decision on any administrative sanctions (investigation is based on SFPD investigation)
  • Police Commission investigation and decision based on OCC investigation regarding any severe administrative sanctions


From 2000-2014, 97 SFPD officer-involved-shootings (OIS) have occurred. Of those 97 shootings, 33 people have died and 35 people have been injured. In each and every one of the OIS wherein a person died, SFPD has found the use of deadly force within policy even under the most questionable of circumstances. This is evidence of an official policy, entrenched culture and posture of deliberate indifference toward protecting citizen’s rights, and the resulting deaths and injuries is a result of SFPD’s ratifying unconstitutional conduct of officers.

Since Alex was killed, SFPD officers have shot dead:

These officers remain unaccountable. To the City and County of San Francisco, we say “No Consequence, No Confidence.

Statistics from Anti-Eviction Mapping Project: From 1985-2015, 69% of people killed by SFPD whose race is known were people of color.

39 thoughts on “Alex’s Story

    • Sorry for your loss, I also have my love one shot by police, they covered it up with suicide, his name was Elias Guadarrama 22yrs in bradenton fl. Jaunary 27,2014 Omega Velez 941-580-8030
      Is there any Justice any more? They went as far as in inserted a bullet in head. He was my only child.


  1. Very sensless tragedy that should have never happened. Police are suppossed to protect, thats what our tax dollars are paying for. This makes me soooooo sad and disgusted. I am praying that your family gets justice. Shame on the SF POlice Department.


  2. This is so Tragic and uncalled for! You would think that after this horrific deadly shooting That they would of put up lights in That AREA it is so PITCH DARK THAT you can’t see your hand in front of your face


  3. I went to elementary school with Alex and he was a great friend I always saw him around the neighborhood I was sad to hear of his death I think the (WHITE) person who called the police and said he had a gun and he was acting crazy should get punished because of them this tragedy happened I’ve lived in bernal my whole life but the last couple years sadly the gay and techies and uptight white people have destroyed everything about our amazing friendly neighborhood the techies have killed san francisco


    • Don’t be a homophobe…..and not all gay people are WHITE. Be careful about pointing fingers and blaming . That kind of thinking got Alex killed!


      • Lots of us gays love diversity and are some of the biggest supporters of victims like Alex. It’s uptight, scared people who are ruining neighborhoods all over the place. I’m someone who chooses to live near people who don’t look like me or think like me. I want diversity of thought, diversity of cultural experiences, etc. We all need to learn to appreciate each other’s differences. Gay, straight, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, poor, rich. None of us chose what backgrounds we came from.


  4. ummm, ‘Autopsy results? ‘….. seriously won’t be needed!… the responding Officers that took his life* already have testified to their own lies!…. Nieto responding? to them! ‘you show me your hands”….. [my Taser is deadlier? than your assigned, while on duty weapons] sorry not buying what this ‘officers of the peace? are selling.


  5. Alex interned at my agency during his senior year at Wallenberg 10 years or so ago. He was an awesome kid. He would come back and visit me ever so often. I heard about this murder by the cops but I was in denial. I knew in my gut it was him. However, I resisted looking up the case because I was so scared to find out. I finally looked it up and was so shocked. I love this kid like my own. Still trying desperately to come to grips with his senseless murder. RIP you sweet soul.

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  6. Racism goes on and on. In 1945 my uncle Francisco Pena was murdered by the Denver Police for swearing in a bar. He was a gentle soul who was the father of of young children. I heard about Alex Pena this morning on KPFA.


  7. Bernal Heights…ah, we once lived there (1992-2000), and found it immensely enriching. The neighbourhood, perhaps, was soon to change (gentrification), and many saw the signs (moving to Oakland, or out of the country), as the dot-com took over. Very sad to hear about this tragedy. False consciousness is a powerful & destructive wave of undeniable momentum. Heart-felt condolences for Alex Nieto’s family, loved ones & friends. Stay strong & united in the struggle for justice.


  8. I was born and raised here in the Bernal. I still live here in the same house that i grew up in. I am 64 years old and after reading some of this, it brings tears to my eyes. I pray that Alex’s family stays strong and never ever give up their commitment to bring Justice for Alex. I didn’t know this young man as he looked like a handsome, intelligent, and loving human being, as he was only looking at God’s beautiful sunset with dreams of his future in mind and soul.


  9. I attend CCSF and I heard about this in the spring semester, I had an English professor that had him for a student and it was quite shocking for my professor to hear this, but it was also not a surprise especially when my professor shared how because of the changes going on throughout the city that people are socioeconomically separated and that race does play a role in these kinds of tragedies. Police are putting out these kinds of behaviors, and I don’t what it is anymore. I mean I question the media a lot for putting stories like this out constantly and I believe all it does is separate people and put up walls causing a civil war, I don’t even watch the news anymore because I am sick of these tragedies and the negative emotions it gives me. The best people can do is march and protest and fight the for the cops to receive consequences, but when it comes to cops receiving punishment for their actions, its rare, barely are the tables ever turned on them, and this is what makes me tired of the news, are peoples constant marching and protesting and demanding for police crimes to be accounted for, I mean why should it take longer for a cop to be tried than for a regular citizen to be tired for a crime. Cops rarely get penalized for there unnecessary behavior, and it’s really disturbing I know that nothing is fair in life, but just because this is unfair, does not make it right for those cops to get away from the crime they committed. I may not know this young man, but he had dreams and a future, and it’s really sad that something he worked really hard to manifest had to be cut short because some neighbor cowboy did not think he belonged in his own neighborhood.


  10. I came across this site by pure accident. So very heartbreaking. I am so sorry to Alexs Mommy and Daddy as well as his entire family. 💚❤


  11. And ppl wonder why we don’t trust the police! My mom was in q situation yrs ago with cops in pleasant hill co co county! They abuse ppl lie they use their weapons as some kind of army gun! Sending his family prayers and God will see justice & changes HAVE TO HAPPEN..


  12. I rarely go to Bernal Mt. but have been doing so recently. This is the first time I read Alex’s story; it’s tragic, heartbreaking and completely wrong! A lot of people moving into SF don’t understand or value the varied cultures we have and every little thing that is “out of the norm” is reported as a threat. I grew up in the city and I am saddened by all this distrust of native San Franciscans that are not white.

    SF is full of people like Alex and his family that made SF such a great place to grow up in; I am so, so sorry that Mr. and Mrs. Nieto and their family are going through such pain and having to deal with all the ‘system’. A young life with hopes and dreams cut short because of fear and ignorance.

    God Bless


  13. My heart is devastated. All I am thinking about is How can we help?? How can we as a community come together to surface this injustice? I’m broken. My faith in the SF justice system is of the most diverse cities in America and this happens to this innocent good man. May this angel rest in peace and the pig perpetrators suffer the consequences in this lifetime.


  14. Mis Condolencias y mis respetos a la familia Nieto. The Loss and injustice you have experienced es sin palabras. All your Prayers will be heard. Gods ways are mysterious. Alejandro has not died without a cause. His cause will be revealed. He wanted to dedicate his life to justice, and has been given the opportunity to prove injustice on a supreme level. He was chosen. The last word has not yet been spoken. Don’t despair querida familia. He is with you, always. And he will never walk alone. A small pebble can cause a big ripple. Amor and Justice contra todas las injusticias!!! Vamos! Marchamos! Compartamos el dolor! una Amiga quien siente


    • PS

      Meaning Defender of Man

      The verdict is not the end, it is still the beginning. Let the evil ones smile, as their smile will make people rise. The question of a revolution is always: who has everything to loose? and who has nothing to loose but everything to win? Amor y No more Injustice


  15. I heard about what happened and I just can’t believe the jurors made a finalized decision that the cops were not guilty of using excessive force upon Alex. Everything about just does not seem right to me and even though I am not out there marching and protesting, I am bothered. It made me think about this situation on a much deeper level. I mean for two long years his parents had waited for this wrongful death suit against the cops, to address the behavior of SF PD, and how they purposefully choose to use excessive force in handling the situation, only to result in having the cops that shot Alex multiple times to be cleared from the case. Clearly what the cops did was not a mistake, a mistake is when you place a decimal point in the wrong place, shooting someone who is already on the ground multiple times is out of the question, this wasn’t a mistake, they choose to resort to that kind of behavior. What I found even more disappointing was the jurors selected were not people of different races or ethnicity, no, the jurors selected were an all white jury, so the chances of cops being tried is slim to none. This case just seemed very hasty and I wonder, two years just to come down to this result, I mean where does this constructed power stem from, who knows what happened behind closed doors for these results to pan out in the favor of SF PD. With the planning, the connection as well as the power, who knows what played out, the reality cops barely get penalized for their wrong doings, Even though Alex died two years ago, the people sitting in that court house and beyond are trying to put all this behind them, by justifying their actions, and I am not buying into this, they want people to accept the outcome and move on. It’s painful for the parents to have to endure this, but this challenge stems beyond a cruelty and brokenness that can ever be imagined, it demonstrates how we as powerful spiritual beings can conquer and endure all the evils of this world through ours heartache, our tears, no challenge is greater, but to stand and face the evils of this world makes us unbelievably powerful then those entitled to power.


  16. I am writing a play about Alex Nieto’s life. And wanted to interview Alex’s friends and family members.
    I am a student a San Francisco state. I want to get his voice, and story from the point of view of people who knew him best. I do speak Spanish and would need someone there who speaks Spanish, if his parents or friends are willing to talk with me. I hope that they will talk with me. Thank-you . This is very sad, but his life has been a light and that’s the message that I want to get out through the play.


  17. I just read the account of this appalling case on The Guardian newspaper website. I am so sorry for your loss and that you did not get justice in court against officers who are meant to protect and serve not execute. I hope your fight continues and that an appellate court overturns this unjust verdict. Your struggle honors Alex and shines a light on a very dark corner of current American society.


  18. I’m from the UK, so I don’t know what San Fran is like or used to be like. But growing up in a black area I am used to the ideas white people have about it being dangerous or ghetto. To think someone can just call the police because they don’t like the look of you, and you will be shot dead minutes later is unbelievable. The police really need to have their guns taken away, we manage fine in the UK without guns. It’s pathetic to think just because they are in the police that they automatically have a better moral compass or have in any way a right to take a life. These police men make me sick. My thoughts are with all of those affected by this man’s death. And by the sound of it, there are many. X

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  19. I don’t know why it has to be made into a white people thing. It’s not white people, it’s corrupt people, no matter what color they are, in this case they’re robed in blue uniforms. Police officers are trained to be stereotypical in all social aspects, and even stereotypes uncharted, such as against people who drink, and alcoholics and addicts, especially alcoholics with the profiling weapon of the breathalyzer, such as not all alcoholics are dysfunctional. It reminds me of the Salem witch trials overly accusing people and overly punishing them, pushing them to suicide, and directing lives to places that are worse than death. There is no right to liberty and pursuit of happiness for everyone equally. Criminalized people are taken so much advantage of, because they are stereotyped and others think they do it to themselves, and that they deserve it…no one cares about criminal justice anymore. We’re showed how the opposite outcome of a trial happens when we try to convict real homeland terrorism within our police stations. People want to pretend like police officers are perfect exempt citizens who have no obligation to take responsibilities for their actions. Alex’s jury was fixed, the case thrown, but it is not a white thing, even if they’re white, because I’m white. Police officers need a better screening and apathy education, and more of them need to fear the system they uphold and take responsibility for their actions. It is obvious these men who murdered Alex are the walking dead, men who should be on death row for the crimes they commit when wearing a badge. The jury should be ashamed of themselves and should face criminal charges themselves, along with both lawyers. Reasonable doubt is nonexistent, because people like me know for absolute certainty they are guilty of crimes only God and Devine intervention can control. These are the attitudes and abuses projected on the victims of their corrupt criminalization.


  20. First, I want to send my prayers and heartfelt condolences to the Nieto family, especially to his loving mother, father, and sibling. I’m sorry that I just learned about this story via The Guardian. We are dealing with similar law enforcement issues here in Chicago most recently with the murders of #RekiaBoyd, #LaquanMcDonald, #QuintonioLeGrier, and many others. I hope that God provides you with calm oasis and strength during this storm. I also lift up in prayer Alex’s close friends and the community of people who knew and embraced this beautiful young man during his life. To chatroll-cloud-1, it sounds like you are a good white person with a good heart, however, this is very much a White issue. It is up to the good white people such as yourself to stop equivocating on matters of racial bias/intolerance in this country. Notions of white privilege and white exceptionalism are structural and reach back to the foundation of this country. These benign and sometimes overt notions (via gentrification) continue to provide rich fuel for the type of bigotry that lead to Alex’s assassination. I’m sure that it is a difficult task, but I hope that you (and others like you) aggressively confront bigotry and any perception of white intellectual, cultural, or social superiority. Unfortunately, there were good white people who taught their children that we are all the same, without educating them about this country’s history of intolerance and the ongoing reach of institutional white power. This has lead to a laissez-faire attitude (if not downright ignorance) about racial injustice and even their own white privilege. People of color can march and yell until our feet are blistered and our vocal cords are raw, but our efforts are diminished unless you work within your community to expose and eradicate intolerance. That three white men in a park, several white law enforcement officers, and multiple white jurors can believe that this interruption of Alex’s life was not criminal is just another horrific indictment of an social structure that places more value or your life than the lives of Alex, Rekia Tamir, LaQuan, Trayvon, Oscar, etc, etc, etc, Injustice must end and systemic change must be demanded, not only by people of color, but by good white people like you.


    • That was one of the most racist things I ever read, and it was toward white people.
      I do not think it is a white thing, Obama is black, he is in charge of the police states that ensue. Racism is racism, no matter if it against ” white “people, or black people. I’m sick of being called white, white people have several origins of nationality, not all of us are treasonous Canadian Mounties. Or even judaism, and Jews who are white. It may depend on what position is in the network of treason that corresponds to your race. Like racist dui class is run by self righteous money laundering fraudster black people who have no problem marketing their hate all white people agenda.


      • @chatroll-cloud-1 The poster you are replying to is making the point that race is a very important part of what happened. Just because Obama is president doesn’t negate the FACT that the country has a large issue with racism — especially related to law enforcement. He has publicly acknowledged that there is a persistent issue with police using unnecessary force, and the obvious racial implications in these incidents. I agreed with a lot of your initial post, but @Tron hit the nail on the head when they wrote about “good white people who taught their children that we are all the same, without educating them about this country’s history of intolerance and the ongoing reach of institutional white power.” That is by no means an anti-white statement, so please do not read it as such! We are all fighting for the same thing, justice and equality, but to pursue the fight while pretending race is not part of the issue, misses the mark.

        Peace and love to you, as well as the Nieto family. I cannot imagine the pain they must go through every single day.


  21. I knew alejandro Nieto when i heard what happend to him and readinG his story thia is really sad.. dios lo tenga en su santa gloria . We wenr to school together since we was small … Tuve el gusto de conoserlo and fue un chico buena onda. .. and thats so messed up… Justice #alexnieto 👊…


  22. I’ve just found out about this tragedy and I would like to send much love and all the best to Alex’ family. In my understanding of life, there will be justice. The officers who killed Alex will have to live with what they did. In this lifetime and beyond …


  23. I have been sitting here pondering some thoughts regarding what I have just read. That a young man, goes to what I can gather is one of his favorite spots to have a meal before his work shift, has the police called on him(most likely because the caller thought that Alex clothing, items, etc, were not norm or different from themselves,) is harassed by the police(for no reason what so ever, not even a mention of a threat), ultimately murdered by the police(I personally have come to the conclusion that once the SFDP realized what they had done after shooting Alex the first time around, felt they had to conceal their unwarranted actions so they could not be held responsible or garner wide negative publicity against them if Alex had survived). Then, the so called “judicial system” finds the police not guilty of such gross, irresponsible, premature, vile, hateful, conduct toward a lawful abiding neighborhood citizen! I must admit, it takes much to get my anger mode going, which I call “animated”. Well, I was completely animated after reading this news story! I do apologize for being so late into learning and reading about Alex. I reside up in the Northern Cali Mountains in a small community, and I just read this story on my internet news feed. I was reading about a nurse who was assaulted and arrested up in Utah for no reason by their PD, then on the side bar I noticed an article about Alex.
    Considering I(not personally, just with a few family members) have past experience’s with corrupt, abusive, racial orientated, police officers, Alex story caught my specific attention. My heart goes out to Alex, his family & friends. I am truly so saddened. I am aware I am a stranger, but for some reason this particular incident has me so emotional. Could be for the fact I also have a son, who in the past has been a victim of police brutality(in the state of Arizona, Maricopa County). Could be for the fact I personally witnessed a man(my ex-husband)get beat to the ground( while we were walking to a neighborhood park with our two young children) because he refused to show him his ID(he refused due to the fact he had done nothing wrong, and felt his rights were being violated. Apparently the officers did not like his manner of dress and us being in a bi-racial relationship. My ex is Caucasian with Irish heritage. I am Native American with European & Latin heritage).
    Please know Nieto Family, you all will be in my prayers, my heart will remain on your sleeve, and may some way some how you all find some kind of peace. I am far from your San Francisco Community, but please, if there is anything I can do to help ease their pain(I enjoy sending cards, would love to send a card to Alex Parents & sibling). May Heavenly Father Bless your Familia, with much Strength and Grace.


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