The Alex Nieto Memorial Fund

A donation account has been set up as The Alex Nieto Memorial Fund. All donations will be directly received and manged by the Nieto Family. (This is the only donation account consented with the Nieto Family.)

Please donate through GO FUND ME:


Thanks for your on going support!

Funds will be managed directly by the Nieto Family. Stay tuned for our upcoming fundraising campaigns to help the Nieto Family request a permanent memorial on Bernal Hill and costs of organizing to keep Alex’s Story in the public eye (banners, flyers, t-shirts, buttons, etc.)

Because SFPD killed Alex, his family members are not considered victims of a crime. Therefore, they received no support from the City Victims’ Services.

7 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I am so sorry for the lost of your son Alex. It is hard to comprehend why they shot more than fourteen times at Alex, not having a gun and not resisting. I pray and hope that their will be justice for our your son Alex.


  2. Please contact me if you are interested in making a memorial garden or if the family of Alex Nieto would like to plant a tree or rose bush . I have spoken both to his mom and dad at the both at carnival. I have a small nursery in mill valley and would like to show support by donating my time and plants if it could bring any solace to such a horrible crime. Please contact me either email or 4-5 2711641paz


  3. my family loves you, and we are so dreadfully sorry for your loss. thank you for giving us direct ways we can be supportive. in solidarity.


  4. Ya no se puede contribuir. ¿Habría otra manera de ayudar? Los acompaño en esta tragedia, en esta injusticia, en la pérdida de su querido hijo y amigo.


    • Estimada Antonia, De vez en cuando hacemos campañas de donativos y reactivamos ese enlace. Por el momento, podría apoyarnos en nuestras demandas comunitarias.


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