Who We Are

Who we are

We are family and friends of Alex, and community members, who with the blessing of the Nieto Family, have formed a Coalition to demand justice and love for Alex Nieto.

Our demands

  • We demand a federal investigation into the killing of Alejandro Nieto by SFPD. Alex’s civil rights were violated, and District Attorney George Gascón, former Chief of Police of San Francisco, cannot guarantee an impartial investigation.
  • We demand that SFPD and the City of San Francisco accept responsibility for the wrongful
    death of Alex Nieto, and acknowledge the Nieto Family as victims of a terrible injustice
  • We demand full transparency surrounding the facts of his killing (and the handling of the homicide investigation) and full accountability for wrongdoing. Police impunity needs to end.
  • Our commitments

    • We are committed to keeping you informed of opportunities to support the Nieto Family and the cause for justice for Alex.
    • We are committed to carrying out activities that support our demands.

    The Justice and Amor for Alex Nieto Coalition

    Founding supporters:

    Adriana Camarena (contact for family)
    Benjamin Bac Sierra
    Joseph Vaez
    Maria Villalta

    For general inquiries, please email us at info@justice4alexnieto.org.

    Declare Your Support

    This journey has taught us that we need a diversity of organizations and organizers to support Alex Nieto’s justice cause. Together we are stronger and more creative and resilient.

    If you are a community organization or community leader, who would like to formally declare solidarity to the quest for justice for Alex Nieto, please write to us at info@justice4alexnieto.org and we will include your name on our roster of supporters.

    We are incredibly grateful for your support throughout the last months! Let’s keep up the fight!

    Founders of the Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Coalition

14 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. hey there, i can help gather more petition signatures for the DA, if needed! please let me know asap, so that i can prepare to do so… in addition, please let me know by when we should submit the forms in and to who on the committee would want to collect it from me. I can also get student support outreach from SFSU to spread the word as well…. peace n blessings, deborah


    • I am writing a play and have been trying to contact the family, friends, teachers, police officers that knew him for interviews. I have tried unsuccessfully to email the family to set up interviews.
      I went to the rally on March 21 at the cultural center in the mission and introduced myself to Oscar. Please call me or e-mail a phone number of someone I can talk to directly. Thank-you
      very much. Amina Rubio 415 312-4597


      • Ben Bac Sierra is the best person to speak to regarding your project…. I knew Alex personally but I currently don’t have much free time at this moment to check in…. all i can say is that Alex was genuinely a good man, very responsible, kind, hardworking and sensitive…. he was a family man and provider… His girlfriend told me that he was helping to pay for her rent and that he was hella good to her three children…. i don’t know many men like that… Alex was extremely sweet, he has friends of all walks of life and faith…. maybe you should definitely check in with SGI members too!!! buena suerte…


  2. My name is Orlando Galvez and I am the one with the case number 0179-14 filed against SFPD for the unlawful assault and failure to serve and protect the very ones who are native to this neighborhood we call the Mission/Bernal Heights.

    I am to meet with a team of city investigators whose job is to listen to one’s legitimate complaints against SFPD’s conduct and standard operating procedures. A citizen filing a complaint with the Office Of Citizen Complaints -whose overall objective is to support and initiate a change in police policies and standard operating procedures.

    In the summary I received recently, they have concluded that:

    “The allegation of ‘Unnecessary Force against police officers for using unnecessary force -58 .40 caliber slug via four pigs, but only ten hit Nieto- by discharging their firearms is ‘Proper Conduct.'”

    The allegation of “Neglect of Duty” against police officers for failing to properly investigate is “Proper Conduct.'”

    The allegation of “Neglect of Duty” against police officers for failing to take required action is “Proper Conduct.

    The allegation of “Conduct Reflecting Discredit on the Department against the San Francisco Police Department for behaving inappropriately and making inappropriate comments is “Not Sustained.”

    The allegation of “Neglect of Duty” against police officers for failing to take required action is “Unfounded.”

    The allegation of “Unwarranted Action” against police officer for searching the decedent’s room is “Unfounded.”

    The allegation of “Unwarranted Action” against a police officer for towing the decedent’s car without cause is “Proper Conduct.”

    Yes, of course I am not satisfied with the preliminary disposition indicated above and I am acting on my right to request an investigative hearing on the result of this complaint.

    I am asking that you join me on such a date. I am going alone as of now and I will be facing a panel who will obviously be defending each and every one of these bogus conclusions. If the result of their investigation has you pissed of -as it well should- then please, make the time to go and be with me so that they see that no, just because we are not white, you cannot deny us justice. As far as I see, this is my interpretation if their “make believe” Mr. Rogers type investigation. That rat Mickey Mouse has his prints all over this joke of a findings. Had he personally conducted it, we would have gotten better results. REAL OUTCOMES with at least hope for “some” ramifications. As this is, nothing will change.


    I will not stand for this. I hope you don’t either. Please, come with me. If you care, if you really, really care about the injustices we as a community of non-Caucasians are being subjected to, you will make the time to join me. I will post the date around mid September right here and I do hope I see you there with me by my side supporting Nieto’s unjust execution in his and our very own back yard.

    Nieto would show up. You know he would. Why then can’t you?

    Orlando Galvez (OG)


    • Thank you Orlando! We are very interested in this process. Many of us filed OCC complaints but you are the first to tell us that the investigators even cared to contact complaint filers. Yes, keep us updated!!!


      • Who ever said they cared?

        I was “not” going to go away. And “they got it.” I need some backup; that is, one or two more bodies to help me with the questions because they are not going appear alone. Ben is the one I wish would accompany me due to the cardinal fact that he obviously and indeed has plentiful legal experience being that he went to law school.

        If their attorney is scheduled to be there, it is only -not because they care- because clearly, they have sensed my resolve -disappointment- from what they as an “effective” unit have failed to deliver thereby not being held responsible for their scanty efforts of the very purpose that they were originally founded for. I am sure that they will attempt to intimidate me with an overwhelming amount of legal terms so I will go away quietly to ever not return, thereby allowing them to slither away being the snakes that they are. This becoming their newest, updated objective resulting from irrefutably understanding that they have done “nothing” to help prevent one more non-Caucasian life being criminally executed by “our” -not theirs- cities “PIGS.” Sort of like the same lie that “pigs” take on at their proud -bullshit- graduations’ vowing to “Serve and Protect (affluent whites only)” all -a lie- of its citizens.

        So, don’t thank me…..come with me. I need one or two more volunteers. Ben, you “need” be there. I am counting on you. Call me, I can change the hearing to accommodate your busy agenda. No real reason to not be there with me Ben. At this point, they get it ….. I am pulling their strings because I can.

        So, what do you say? Are you coming? And anyone else that is interested; you too are welcomed to be a part of this. Strength in numbers my brothers and sisters.

        Strength in numbers.

        Orlando Galvez (OG)


  3. Alex, I miss you and think about you every single day.
    Thank you for coming into my life at the very moment when I needed it most. It hurts everyday to know that I can’t just pick up the phone and call you, but it comforts me to know that we will be reunited again in another life.


  4. I am hoping to interview the family, friends, teachers, anyone who knew Alex well. I am writing a play about “Who Alex was” from the people that knew him best. I am an SF State student. Please contact me at 415 312-4597
    Thank-you very much


  5. Good afternoon I wanted to get a hold of professor Benjamin B about potentially speaking at an evemt at San Francisco State University on March 29 time is from 2-5pm
    The event is Cesar Chavez Celebration and from 2-5 is a discussion panel with break out session on organizing and talking about Social Justice issues, such as Alex Neito case as well. Please contact me Oscar 415-410-xxxx. Thanks


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