Today on the 2nd Anniversary of Alex Nieto’s killing by SFPD officers, we issue the following:


On Thursday March 10th, 2016, a majority white suburban jury delivered a verdict in the public trial of the Nieto Family v SFPD that not only stunned our communities, but underscored the history of police impunity that exists in this City.

The jury found that Sergeant Jason Sawyer and Officers Richard Schiff, Roger Morse and Nate Chew did not use excessive force in killing Alex Nieto on March 21st, 2014 in Bernal Heights Park, nearly two years ago when they shot at him 59 times. The trial was widely covered in the media and a factual record of the evidence is publicly available. Put quite simply, based on the facts discovered, we find the police version of events impossible to believe.

The parents of Alex Nieto, in the deepest recesses of grief and sorrow having had to relive their son’s death, and having had to view the photos showing his shot and broken body, and sit near the four officers who shot him to death, now had to absorb that in this court there would be no justice.

The lack of consequence for the officers who killed Alex Nieto sends a strong message to our youth that their lives don’t matter. It has reinforced a lack of confidence in the institutions of the City and County of San Francisco.

On this March 21, 2016, the second anniversary of Alex Nieto having been killed by SFPD officers, we are making the following demands to the City and County of San Francisco, and asking the Board of Supervisors to act upon the following demands:

  • Establish a permanent memorial at the site where Alex Nieto was killed in Bernal Heights Park, where community members have maintained a memorial for two years, as a minimal gesture towards restoring relations.
  • Modify the SFPD Department General Order to make alternatives to lethal use of force unequivocally mandatory.
  • Radically increase transparency of the SFPD by requiring public and online permanent record keeping of complaints and incidents of use of force by officers, according to best open government practices.
  • Establish a Special Prosecutor’s Office that is a true and autonomous investigative and prosecutorial body in cases involving police misconduct including officer involved shootings.
  • Require peer review processes in the Office of Medical Examiner when facing an officer involved shooting.

We also ask the Board of Supervisors to follow up on the January 26, 2016 BOS resolution requesting a federal investigation into the police killings of Alex Nieto, Amilcar Perez Lopez, and Mario Woods, by taking steps to:

  • Establish an action plan with the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division to enforce said Resolution, and
  • Request that the DOJ Civil Rights Division, as regards the killing of Alex Nieto, also investigate the handling of the case and evidence by all relevant city officials and city contractors and consultants involved, namely but not limited to the San Francisco Police Department (its Chief of Police, homicide investigators, crime scene investigators, firearms experts, and any other officers involved in securing, preparing or handling evidence), the Office of the District Attorney, the Office of the City Attorney, the Office of the Medical Examiner, Taser International, and Precision Simulations.

Alex Nieto’s death will not be in vain.

IRideWNietos Final 8x11 ToEnd Police Impunity_001



We ask that community members and organizations endorse our demands.

  • Write and call your supervisors to demand action!
  • If you are community organization or group, we also request that you send an email to expressing your interest to be included in collective actions.


Act towards restoring community relations with a permanent memorial to Alex Nieto on Bernal Heights Park AND strike at the heart of police impunity with legal and institutional reform that will:

  • Close regulatory loopholes that impede accountability for police misconduct
  • Increase the transparency of police officer conduct in our communities
  • Create a new and autonomous Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute police misconduct, including officer involved shootings
  • Insist on a federal civil rights investigation into the police killings of Alex Nieto, Amilcar Perez Lopez, and Mario Woods
  • Ask for a federal investigation into tampering of evidence by City Officials in the Alex Nieto case



  1. Hello Oscar, Thank-you for talking with me at Cultural Art Center in the Mission on March 21. I am writing a play about Alex Nieto’s life from the prospective of family, friends, teachers, people at volunteering and intern activities. The police officers he knew. I read information on the Justice for Alex website. However, I what to know details about him that is not published.  I have time on the weekends and hoping to me with you, if you have time. Thank-you Amina Rubio      


  2. San Francisco, you are going to end up with NO Police force the way things are going. I am retired law enforcement and would not want to be an Officer in your city, or many cities if I was young again and starting a career at this time. I feel for your city. People do not go into this work for the money, it sucks for what they have to do and put up with, they do it because they WANT to protect and help innocent people at the risk of their lives. It is thankless, and the education you need now to be an officer would get you a much better paying job in a different field, but most do want to help people, not counting a very very small percentage of those who are bad, and no one hates that small percentage of bad ones more than the majority of dedicated officers who believe in what they doing. It is to the point that officers are very hesitant to do their job. If we keep going this direction of condemning all police, especially in certain areas, you will have none, then you will be on your own, and good luck with that.
    With all sincerity, concern and love, I wish you all the best.
    Dave Dwayne


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